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    Nomad experience
  • Discover
    Nomad experience
Allow yourself to connect by disconnecting!

Our nomad program for those looking for a bit more adventurous day!
The soul and beginning of our adventure. We built The Bus with all our love and passion for adventure, keeping in mind all those places that we like to visit that do not count with nearby accommodations. Initially this was our one and only program, the one that represented the soul of what we wanted our guests to experience.

We wanted to develop a concept where guests would enjoy the best of all worlds, from the magic moments shared around a campfire during camping trips that we’ve lived since our childhood, including the best Argentinian campfire meals, to that early cup of coffee right by the water. Combined with great comfort, a nice and comfortable bedroom, a full bathroom with the best shower in Patagonia (claimed by our guests), and a cozy wood stove where to hang around on those rainy or chilly days. The Bus has it all!! Adventure, luxurious comfort, and breaths Culture. Creating a very warmth, and family atmosphere we share with our guests a truly unique experience hard to express in words.

 The Bus offers the possibility to spend a couple of nights in areas where there are no real accommodations and fish the surrounding waters without having to spend the extra time driving in and out, giving you more fishing time, and enjoying those moments of the day that not many others get to enjoy! 
A true Adventure!!!

Write to us to get more information about The Bus! We’ll be pleased to answer any questions!


+54 9 2945 331397

We’ll keep you updated about Fishing!

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